Birdwatching Without Leaving The House. Live Blogging.

1.30 p.m. The video below explains what I’m doing. Let’s go!

1.35 p.m. A single wood pigeon perched in a tree in the garden.

c.30 black-headed gulls around the school, in circling flight. Still in winter plumage, of course.

1.40 p.m. Single lesser black-backed gull and herring gull in flight. The latter is always a good sighting, as not common at all in the area.

The two other gull species are the common ones, so not surprised to see them.

1.50 p.m. Feral pigeons c.8 in flight.

Six house sparrows (3 m, 3f) perched in bush in neighbouring garden.

2.00 p.m. Nothing new to report. The gulls have all moved on. They’re scavengers and they’ve mopped up what the school children threw on the ground during their lunch break; now they’re off to find another feeding zone.

2.10 p.m. Single starling in flight.

The house sparrow group has increased by one bird to seven in total.

2.20 p.m. A small number c.6 black-headed gulls returned to the school to see if there’s anything new.

Total of five wood pigeons perched in various gardens.

2.30 p.m. An enjoyable hour, with seven species of birds seen in total. Nothing special, but like life itself, if you set your targets realistically then you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll be doing more live blogging on a regular basis, so why not follow the site for updates?

Welcome to my website, blogging life’s journey from a personal perspective. There’s more information on the home page.  

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