Catching Up With Former TNS FC Player, Alfie Carter. We begin The Journey When He Played For Walsall FC In The English System.

It’s been a pleasure to have Alfie Carter with us at Park Hall this week. A former player, who began his own career with Walsall FC and Gillingham FC, he eventually found himself with the champions of Wales.

Alfie’s time was well before mine, and so my own personal memories are non-existent, but fans from previous years will have many fond memories of the Birmingham-born striker.

Like all the interviews that I do, it was another go-with-the-flow chat. There isn’t a script, and apart from the first question when we sit down, in one sense I have no idea where it’s going as such.

However, don’t think it’s a rudderless approach because it isn’t. I also think Alfie comes over really well in the interview.

We chose that particular board to sit by because if you look closely, the man himself is on there!


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