Roach Fishing On The Way To Work. Thinking – And Fishing – Outside The Box.

I do get a lot of angling sessions in and that is due to the fact that, firstly, I motivate myself. You know those times when you may be feeling tired and you decide not to go out, well, that’s when I do. You’re always glad you did as well. It pays to push yourself, not just where fishing is concerned but for life in general.

Secondly, I not only think outside the box, but most importantly, act on it. I do a lot of sessions that are quite short as far as time is concerned. Many anglers are conditioned to think in terms of weekend fishing because that’s when they are off work.

My work with The New Saints FC covers seven days, so I have to be flexible and fit in other things – including angling – when I can. I don’t do too bad though. As it stands at the moment, I’ve been fishing every day so far this year.

You can see how I got on in the latest session via the video below. I fish canals a lot and you can check out all the blog entries that mention ‘canal’ here. Likewise for any topic, type in the box at the base of the page and hit search.

Welcome to my website, there’s more information on the home page.  You can also follow blog updates on Facebook (feel free to send me a friend request) and Twitter.

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