Live Blogging. Perch Fishing On The Canal And A Very Nice Bonus Chub.

2.30 p.m. Been here for a short time and it’s very slow. Had a few very gentle plucks, so moved closer to the rod (not that I was far away anyway but now I’m touching it with my hand) so I could strike at the slightest movement. It worked and I’m not a blanker.

The video below includes the set-up and bait approach.


2.50 p.m. Another gentle pluck and a fish on the strike briefly before the hook pulled. Ended with a perch scale the size of my thumbnail on the hook.


3.15 p.m. This time a fish and not just a scale. Not a monster but the biggest caught so far.


3.30 p.m. None of the fish caught have had maggots in their throats like you normally see when they’re feeding well. Water temperature is 8C, which is good, especially as the trend is upwards.


3.35 p.m. Not my target species but I’m hardly complaining. A nice chub on the bank. Let’s change the lead image, shall we!


4.00 p.m. Very enjoyable session. Definitely quality over quantity, which suits me. You can’t live blog if you’re catching every minute.

Off home now, so Debby, if you’re reading this, beans and toast with brown sauce for my tea tonight. See you soon.


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