Chub Fishing On The River Severn. Day Ticket Stretch In Shropshire.

I’m enjoying my chub start to the New Year and my third session on the bounce after chevins saw a departure from the local canal and a slightly longer journey to the River Severn.

You can see how I got on via the video below, that also includes footage of the river itself. I was fishing the Kinver Freeliners‘ stretch at Hampton Loade and although there is a waiting list for club membership, you can fish this section of the river courtesy of a day ticket.

Day ticket anglers are restricted to the hours of daylight but there is still some great fishing to be had. The venue is well-policed, with daily checks, so if you do fish there then be aware of the rules.

I saw my first cormorant and pheasant of the year while at Hampton Loade, and on the drive home, a tawny owl in flight. There were also several raven, calling in flight. As a passionate angler and lover of the natural world, I love the fact that you can combine the two when out on the bank. My 2020 bird list is here.


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