Birding At Red Lane, Between Sedgley And Gospel End Village. You Can’t Beat The Great Outdoors.

Working from home, I was able to get some desk time in and then drive to the local Red Lane late morning. I parked the car, put my boots on and went for a walk with my binoculars. You can view the scenery, as well as some chat, via the video below.

It’s a nice walk and I wondered how many people live in the wider area but have never enjoyed the place? It just shows that there is always something on your doorstep to take in.

I saw, in order of appearance: magpie, carrion crow, blackbird, great spotted woodpecker (female), blue tit, great tit, house sparrow, wood pigeon, common buzzard, *raven, long-tailed tit, goldcrest, *feral pigeon, lesser black-backed gull, robin, wren, starling, *bullfinch (female). Total = 18.

The asterisks are new birds for 2020 and you can view the updated list here.



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