Football Memories From 2019. From The New Saints FC And Beyond.

As a keen football fan who enjoys going to games for pleasure and not just for work, I take in a number of matches during the course of the year. During 2019 I have been to ninety-three and as it happened I kicked the year off with The New Saints against Cefn Druids at The Rock and ended it with the same opponents but at Park Hall.

Obviously, TNS FC features in a number of the games that I go to in any year, and that was true of 2019. With thirty-two league games, three cups, friendlies and European competition, variety is the spice of life with the champions of Wales.

The games in both the UEFA Champions League and Europa League are always highlights. Whatever your career, you want to work at the highest level, and as far as club football is concerned, it doesn’t get any better than the European stage.

This year has seen visits to Kosovo, Denmark and Bulgaria on the football adventures. Not always the results that we wanted from a club perspective, but on a personal level all wonderful experiences. I could write a book just on the 2019/2020 games as so many memories were made.

Then there have been the numerous things that have happened on a wider basis. One that comes to mind was being a guest at the Wolverhampton Wanderers’ end-of-season awards evening. With 1,600 people in attendance, it was a great night and I never realised that the year before we made our entry into the hall via the red carpet. This time round I made sure I enjoyed the walk.

The lead image is with my wife at the event. I want to pay tribute to Debby because it’s only with her support I can do what I do. My work with The New Saints FC covers seven days, so I never have a day off as such. Also, due to the nature of football media, I can be working at any time from before first light to the early hours of the morning.

The fact that I have a three-hour round-trip just to get to Park Hall and back, and that’s before I even travel into Wales and beyond, means I spend a lot of time away from home. Yet, not once has Debby complained. She really is a star and I know that whatever 2020 has in store for me and wherever the journey may lead, she’ll be there with me.


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