Leaving It Late But A Blank Was Avoided. Canal Fishing For Perch.

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If you want to get more fishing sessions in then having local venues is a must. It doesn’t matter whether it be the ocean or a tiny pond, the crucial factor is that it doesn’t involve too much travelling.

If you have somewhere to fish that you can walk to, that’s great. For me, living just yards from the English watershed, I need to drive to the places that I call local. However, with miles of canals within a short distance, there’s plenty to go at.

On this occasion, it was the Staffs/Worcs Canal that I targeted. My focus species was perch and I set up with a light leger rod, with 4lb line straight through from the reel to the hook, which was a size 10 Drennan Super Specialist.

Bait was worm and I loose fed red maggots. Even though I saw no boat traffic, the canal wasn’t crystal clear. In fact, it was quite murky as it was still recovering from recent heavy rain that had washed soil in.

It was a longer session that normal – over three hours to be precise – but I only caught right at the end. Other anglers that were in the area had already moved on by the time the fish came on the feed.

It was a struggle though, I’ll admit that, and no-one had caught anything by the time they had departed. Even though I didn’t even get a tap or a pluck, I still felt confident that the fish would feed once we hit dusk. That proved to be the case and so a potential blank was avoided.


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