Thoughts On Interviewing A Manager After A Defeat. Scott Ruscoe, Following The New Saints FC’s Reversal At Home To Cardiff Metropolitan University FC.

Following the final whistle in the JD Cymru Premier MD18 2-1 defeat, I interviewed TNS FC’s manager, Scott Ruscoe, on the pitch at Park Hall. He was obviously disappointed at the result and various other things associated with the game.

I deliberately avoided even dwelling on the comments and I certainly was not going to  push for a further reaction. Scott made his points and that was sufficient. That’s where I appreciate being involved with in-house interviewing, as opposed to the external alternative, which is often about goading.

Football is a highly emotive game and for managers, especially following a defeat, there may be all manner of thoughts going around their head. While you want to see some of them expressed, the last thing that you desire to do is provoke.

Wherever the world of football takes me and whoever the manager is, always at the back of my mind will be the desire to ‘protect’ him during interviews, as opposed to exposing him to subtle questions designed to benefit the interviewer but not the interviewee.



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