Canal Fishing On The Way To Work. I Do Get Some Funny Looks Fishing In Shorts In December Though.

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Always wanting to make the most of every opportunity and get as much fishing in as I can, I often fish on the way to and from work. Mostly they are just short sessions, and in particular that’s where lure fishing comes into its own.

However, on this occasion I fancied targeting roach, so instead of my jigging gear, I packed a mini-rod and reel along with a few basic items of tackle and some maggots.

Although it was very cold, nevertheless I had roach action in the short time I was there, including a hook-pull on a better fish. Still, I caught and that’s always a positive in itself, regardless of size.

Tackle used was the aforementioned rod and reel, line was 4lb Maxima Chameleon and I created a hook length with a small shot and a bead. I was legering, with a very light lead. The hook was a Drennan Super Specialist size 18.

As I’m on my way to work I was in my shorts so, as you can imagine, crouching next to a canal watching a rod I do both funny looks and particular comments.

Next stop, after the short session, was to conduct a pre-match press conference with The New Saints FC’s manager, Scott Ruscoe. It’s MD18 in the JD Cymru Premier next for the champions of Wales. That’s for another blog entry though.


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