How To Get More Fishing In. Mini-Jigging On The Canal For Perch.



I work seven days a week. Not eight hours a day, of course, but nevertheless working in professional football media means that it’s a case of always being on the ball (no pun intended) and ready to go at any time.

Although that sort of work schedule may not suit everyone, it does me. What you have to do though, speaking as an angler, is make the most of the opportunities that present themselves in terms of time slots.

With the Montgomery Canal (it’s a club water, no day tickets on the bank) yards away from my drive to The New Saints FC, I often have a lure rod, net and bag in the boot of my car. Usually it means I do some fishing on the way to work, but sometimes, like this session, I stop off on the journey home.

Although my work involves commitment, it does give flexibility as far as time is concerned, and so I was able to grab a very short session while it was still light. Fishing with a small Berkley rubber minnow on a 1g jig-head, I didn’t catch anything big. I caught though and that’s the important thing.

Want to get more angling in? Think outside the box. That’s where lure fishing comes into its own because you need minimal tackle and you are fishing within seconds of arriving at the water’s edge. A lot of my sessions are just a quarter of an hour or so.

Maybe you have water close to where you work? As well as fishing on the way there or the journey home, what about your lunch break? When we explore alternatives to a marathon, kitchen sink, sit-down job, there are a lot more opportunities to cast a line than we realise.

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