You’ve Heard Of Offa’s Dyke? What About Wat’s Dyke? I Work Yards Away From The Ancient And Historical Landmark.

Many people have heard of Offa’s Dyke but what about Wat’s Dyke? I must confess that I’d never come across it until fairly recently, when The New Saints FC’s office moved from the Park Hall Stadium to the other side of Oswestry, where we are now based, in the business building that is owned by our chairman.

Driving along the industrial estate road where we work from, I noticed one of those notice boards at the side that gives out information on something historical. Curious as to what it was, I pulled over and got out the car to have a read.

I was fascinated that a forty-mile construction that is hundreds of years old, and runs along the England and Wales border, is within yards of where I work. I started to do some internet research and gleaned some fantastic information.

You can read the basics via the board photograph above, which you can enlarge by clicking. The road sign that you can see in the main image is in Welsh and the translation reads ‘the dyke field’.


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