Chub Fishing On The River Severn. Just Happy To Get One On The Bank.


Following my recent blog entry that described a few plucks that led to nothing, I was back out on the Severn in pursuit of a winter chevin. Fishing a 20g cage feeder filled with bread mash, the bait was a big chunk of bread on a size 2 hook.

The river was dropping and looking good for chub. I thought I had broken the deadlock an hour into dark when I struck into a fish. However, the hook pulled and it was a case of back to square one.

Fortunately though, not only did I get a second bite of the cherry, but I also netted the fish that you can see in the image above. It’s not a monster, but when you’re looking to get over the line, they all count.

The previous session was exceptionally cold, with a layer of frost covering everything as I packed away. That’s what the Welsh says in the image above, which I wrote before clearing the windshield in the morning. As always, click the photos to enlarge,


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