One Banana, Two Banana. Lifestyle Change And A Long-Term Strategy – The Best Way To Lose Weight. It’s Working For Me.

As far as I’m concerned, losing weight has to be part of a long-term strategy. I’m dubious as far as quick fixes are concerned. You know the sort of thing, lose a stone in a fortnight. The problem is that the quicker you shed it, the more it seems to go back on again. It’s best to see the big picture and that, for me, involves a plan and a lifestyle change.

Why wait until January 1? If something is worth doing, then start right away. Wanting to lose some weight I kicked off on November 1. I do find that a date such as the first of the month is helpful, and keeps you focused, although that may not be the same for everyone.

Seeing it as a long-term lifestyle change, the thirty days of November were all about cutting out junk food. I could eat things such as ice cream, Sensations (crisps) and chocolate just for the sake of it and I could drink two litres of Pepsi Max in one sitting.

Therefore, the first step was to create a new habit. Instead of munching on mars bars or tucking into Ben & Jerry’s, I trained myself to snack on apples, oranges and water melons.

It worked, and although I did lose a few pounds during November, that wasn’t the focus. Now that we’re into December, and the festive period is upon us, I am going to continue with the no-junk food policy.

You learn to walk a new path and that’s what this month is about. Plus, I want to shed a few more pounds so I’ve got a target there. There won’t be many people that lose weight in December but I’ll be one of them, for sure.


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