A Christmas Train, An Otter And A Barn Owl. The Things You See When Fishing.

Out on the Severn fishing I’m used to seeing – and hearing – the Severn Valley Railway in action as it runs alongside the river. Now that we’re in December, on this occasion the ‘Christmas train’ passed several times, and as you can see from the video below, pretty impressive it is as well.

I also had an otter leave the water right in front of me. It was just a few feet away and by the time it realised I was there it returned to the river with such a crash it was as if a person had fallen in. I then watched, as it raced upstream, really close to the edge.

Then, on the way home, so not strictly while fishing but certainly angling-related, I saw a barn owl perched on a hedge alongside the road.

The fishing itself? Well, nothing on that front. I did get a few taps and I felt I should have done better, so I’m going back tomorrow. As I’m working from home it fits in quite nicely with my schedule. I was after chub, by the way, and that’s what I’ll be continuing with as well on my next visit.


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