Going Through A Tough Time? Hang On In There. It Will Come Good. A Life Lesson From A Shropshire Sunrise.

As is often the case, I was up early for work, which means at this time of the year it’s still very dark, and on this occasion, very cold as well. Driving through Wolverhampton and past Telford, it was Shrewsbury before the sun put in an appearance.

Normally I drive over the bridge, that spans the River Severn, but due to the icy conditions and traffic going at a slower pace, this time I stopped as the build-up to the lights was longer than usual. The sunrise was so impressive, I took a photograph out of the car window, which you can see above.

An hour before, it was dark and cold but then, in a matter of a few minutes, it all changed.

Life is like that sometimes. We go through dark, difficult times and maybe even think that it will always be that way. However, no matter how long the dark times last, they won’t last forever.

Going through a tough situation right now? Hold on in there and keep going. It will come good in the end. The sun will rise and the darkness will be beaten back.


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