As The New Saints FC Beat Airbus UK Broughton 12-0, A Post-Match Interview With Adrian Cieslewicz. Another Record Set By The Champions Of Wales.

Although Greg Draper scored a hat-trick, it was Adrian Cieslewicz’s four that nudged him to the top of the pile, as far as the post-match player interview was concerned. Ciss signed for The New Saints the same time that I started to work for the club and the fact that he’s still there is testament to the quality that he brings to the squad.

It’s not an easy team to break into – never mind perform consistently – so that you continue to win a contract over a number of seasons. It was also the first time that he has scored a hat-trick (or more) during his time with the club.

You can watch the interview below, that we conducted in a corridor just off the tunnel and dressing room area at the Hollingsworth Group Stadium, the home of Airbus UK Broughton.

The win was also the biggest away victory for a top flight game in Wales as well, so another record for The New Saints FC.


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