First Pike Session Of The Autumn. A Very Pleasant Afternoon In The Shropshire Countryside.

I have caught numerous pike throughout this year when lure fishing but my favourite method for the species is dead-baiting. There is nothing more exciting than watching a float, as a pike picks up the bait and moves off.

My first session of the autumn was in the Shropshire countryside on a Kinver Freeliners Angling Club venue. There are no day tickets and there is a waiting list for members but why not get your name down? It’s certainly worth the wait.

I fished the lake many years ago when I first joined the club and used to catch double-figure pike on a regular basis. Sadly, the size of the fish has fallen sharply over the years, and I can’t remember the last time I banked a double.

However, the place itself is a very pleasant one to spend a few hours, and that’s why I go there. Sometimes it’s about the aesthetics and not just big fish. As you can see from the images above, that’s true, on both fronts.

Nothing of any size to show to the camera but I had a very enjoyable time and a lot of action. I was fishing a sardine on both rods and in future blog entries I’ll share my rig and set-up. Or you can use the search facility at the base of the page as I have covered that in past entries.

Click images above to enlarge.

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