Nice One, Evo. Some Life Lessons Following Stockport Town 3 Oswestry Town 2.

My final blog entry from the Stockport Town v FC Oswestry Town game revolves around the image above. While watching the match, I got talking to the man next to me. We didn’t exchange names but he was the New Mills FC’s Under-21s manager.

I asked him why he was there and he said that David (featured in the photograph) was a massive Wrexham fan and had come to see Robbie Savage and Steve Evans, who are both from the north Wales town. Robbie never played for them but Steve did.

Following the final whistle, as the players were walking off the pitch, I called Steve over. He had a good chat with David, who said to him, “We could do with you now!”

In addition, Steve posed for a photograph and that’s what you can see above. I know Steve well and he’s absolutely focused. As a professional footballer he hates losing with a passion and as he left the pitch all that was on his mind was getting into the dressing room. However, when I called him over he happily spent quality time with David.

The next day, at Park Hall, the home of The New Saints FC where Evo is the assistant manager, we talked about the previous evening. I said to him what a lovely gesture it was, especially as he put his own personal emotions to one side.

He reply was along the lines of “Well, anyone would do it.” That’s when I said, “No, Evo, they wouldn’t.” I’ve seen professional footballers in the English system walk past fans who want an autograph or a photo. Not all of them, of course, so it’s not a dig at any league or nation, just stating fact.

It doesn’t matter who we are, if success comes, never let it go to our head. Stay humble and always have time for people. Nice one, Evo. Indeed.


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