From One End Of Staffordshire To The Other. Thoughts On What’s Really Important In Life.

My wife and I had a lovely surprise when our two daughters, two grandchildren and one dog turned up for a surprise visit. Since they’ve become adults themselves, our girls have flown the nest, and set up homes of their own. The eldest is in Cradley Heath, while the youngest now resides in Burslem, in the Potteries. One end of Staffordshire to the other, indeed.

We don’t get chance to be all together very often, with the next time on Boxing Day, when I’ll be spending most of it at a game in Wales. Therefore it was great to spend some quality time in each other’s company. It also panned out really well for me, as I was working from home.

Family is important, and even though they’ve now grown up themselves, I still see Rebekah and Miriam as ‘my girls’. In fact, memories of them when they were the age of our grandchildren are as fresh as if they happened yesterday.

Whoever said that time flies wasn’t joking. That’s why we have to make the most of life in terms of getting the best from it. However, relationships will always be more important than possessions. The best memories revolve around who you spent time with, not what things you amassed.

I doubt whether anyone on their death-bed ever said, “I should have worked longer hours and made more money.” However, there have probably been plenty who looked back with regret and wished they had spent more time with their loved ones.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Do it now.

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