Steve Evans And Robbie Savage. Tips On Working In Football Media. Stay Switched On. Be Bold.

At the Stockport Sports Village for Stockport Town v FC Oswestry Town in the North West Counties Football League, I knew prior to arrival that Robbie Savage had signed for the home side.

Travelling with the visitors’ management duo of Nathan Leonard and Jason Brindley, once we reached our destination, we unloaded the car and took the equipment into the dressing room.

I took some photographs of the FC Oswestry Town players and then, as I left the room, right in front of me were Steve Evans and Robbie Savage chatting away.

Both Wales internationals and from Wrexham, they have a lot in common. I immediately got my iPhone out ready to take a photograph. I said, “Keep talking” but they both posed and that’s the image above.

Work in football media?

Stay switched on. Not in a conscious way, which could become quite obsessive, but always be aware when a chance to get something different presents itself. Seeing the two of them together was a window of opportunity, it didn’t happen again.

As soon as I posted the image on The New Saints FC’s social media platforms, it began to get responses. It’s been used in several publications since.

Be bold. Don’t be pushy and make a nuisance of yourself but don’t be shy and timid either. You come across a perfect opportunity to get a great photograph and you think to yourself, they’re talking, I don’t want to bother them, or something similar. Don’t be rude but at the same time seize the moment.

A day later the image had attracted much bigger interaction figures and lots of positive comments. Work in football media? Stay switched on and be bold.


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