Meet Kyle, The Beagle. Want A Hand-Crocheted Replica Of Your Own Dog?




My wife, Debby, is very talented at many things, including crafts, and recently she crocheted a beagle for our youngest daughter, based on the exact markings of her dog, George.

Immediately, as Miriam posted it on social media, a couple of people enquired as to how they could get one of their dog. Anyway, my wife has been thinking about starting her own small business for a long time and this seems like the perfect way to test the water.

The beagles are seven inches long, and are made according to images sent, so the uniqueness of your dog comes through. As you can see she makes a card as well, with the dog’s name on. As keen dog-lovers ourselves, we appreciate others who also treat their pets like one of the family.

The cost is £6.00 per dog, which when you consider the time that goes in, is more than reasonable. Postage is extra and that depends on where it is being sent.

It’s not just beagles, my wife can do other breeds as well. Other dogs may be larger and slightly more expensive, but feel free to send her an e-mail: with any questions that you may have.

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