In It To Win It. Lure Fishing For Perch On The Canal. Tips For Beginners.

Another short session and another opportunity to get my lure rod out. That’s the beauty of this type of angling, you can travel really light, and with the rod already made-up, you are fishing withing seconds of arriving at the water’s edge.

On this occasion it was the Staffs/Worcs Canal that I fished and as always, I targeted a feature; this time round, I positioned myself underneath a road bridge. I didn’t have long to fish but it’s not about quantity but quality, so whatever type of angling you do, always make sure that as much as possible, you put the odds in your favour.

I used a 1g jig-head and a small rubber Berkley minnow. I cast out from underneath the bridge and retrieved slowly through the water but with plenty of action on the lure. That’s the key, constant movement but with a slow retrieve, especially at this time of the year when the fish aren’t that active.

If you’re new to lure fishing, have a go in clear water first, that way you will get to familiarise yourself with the movement of individual lures. Then, when you are on a venue that isn’t crystal clear, although you can’t see the lure you will know exactly what is happening beneath the surface.

Nothing big for me this time, but as always, I enjoyed it and that’s what it’s all about. Click images to enlarge.

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