Keeping Fit. Walking. Healthy Eating. Creating New – And Better – Habits.

With my car booked in for an MOT and a service, I drove it to the garage and then walked home afterwards. Later in the day, I did it all in reverse when I went to collect it. It’s a five mile round trip, so plenty of exercise for me.

I enjoy walking and it’s all part of the bigger picture of looking after yourself and keeping fit. Although I say walking, I also jogged for some of the journey. In fairness, it was uphill, but I did feel it and thought to myself, I have slipped slightly in my fitness.

No drastic response was required though, as from the start of this month I have been on a new fitness schedule of sorts. The big thing is that I’ve cut out junk food. I love chocolate, ice cream, Sensations (crisps) and Pepsi Max just to name a few items that I can happily devour for the sake of it.

Eating healthily is a big step forward and after a while you create new habits, so instead of craving a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, you find yourself fancying a water melon. That’s what it’s all about really, making new pathways in life.

Anyway, I enjoyed my walk, while I listened to soul music on my headphones and worked out how to navigate a seriously flooded road without getting wet. I did that by edging my way along the wooden fence, just above the water line.

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