Tipton Family Church, My Kind Of Church. Perfect Love Casts Out Fear.

Although I’m now working in the beautiful game (that’s some career change from a minister to media and communications at a professional football club), nevertheless I still go to church, and more to the point I’m able to continue with my previous job, albeit in a much reduced role.

In fact, Tipton Family Church ticks the boxes as there is just a Sunday morning service. Anything else and I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in. Not only is it convenient though on that front, it’s also very relaxed and easy-going, which suits me.

The lead image was taken at the end of the service and as you can see, I’m dressed very casually. In fact, drop further down from my All Saints hoodie and there are jeans and Lacoste trainers.

Church isn’t about fashion though and the sermon focused on fear. I looked at very real fears that people have in their life. The fear of losing a job, seeing a relationship fail, the fears of health and dying. They – and others – are all things that can potentially hold us back in life.

The antidote verse when encountering fear is from 1John 4:18 that tells us, “Perfect love casts out fear.”

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