“Ah, Rev, Start Again. What Do You Want Me To Say, Rev?” Take One, With Keston Davies’ Post-Match Interview. Thoughts On Sharing Private Conversations.

Occasionally when you’re doing an interview, there’s a blooper, and so you start again. This was the case with Keston Davies, following the post-match chat that we had after the TNS FC victory against Aberystwyth Town in the JD Cymru Premier.

Three unwritten principles that I abide by, in the context of being the Media & Communications Officer with the champions of Wales, is that I would never seek to do anything that would embarrass the club, myself or another individual.

Therefore, although I found Keston’s blooper funny, as you can see from the WhatsApp  conversation that we had, I still sought his blessing before going public with the clip. That’s important, because although I thought it was funny, it’s Keston that also needs to feel comfortable with it being published, not just me.

As it was, he was fine about it and even suggested we put it out there, as you can see from the chat we had. Also, on the subject of releasing private conversation, that’s OK as long as it’s not confidential or embarrassing.

I don’t like to see these social media posts where people release certain private messages. You can see that they knew exactly what they were doing when the discussion took place, as they made themselves look good, knowing that they would then share in the public domain. That’s wrong.

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