Tips On Canal Lure Fishing. Another Short, But Sweet, Session On The Cut.

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I fish as much as I can, although I must add, that is within reason. Although I’m passionate about my angling, it’s not an obsession. It fits very nicely alongside all the other things that are going on in my life and there’s no competition with anything else. I’ve got the balance just right and I’m happy with that.

Today, with a working game in the JD Cymru Premier later this evening, I had a short canal lure session, prior to setting off at noon. As you can see from the images above, I caught a few small perch but nothing big. In fact, I had a lot of perch action, with the fish pretty much the same size.

There was obviously a shoal in the area and that’s a key factor – location. I fished where I did, not by chance or accident, but by design. I set up under a road bridge next to a lock and cast out into open water, bringing the lure back through the water and right to the lock.

After a few casts, I soon worked out where the fish where and then focused my attention on that area. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have caught from elsewhere, but fish do shoal up, especially at this time of the year.

With the canal often clear during the winter months, courtesy of the colder weather and much-reduced boat traffic, think like a fish. You wouldn’t sit out there in open water, exposed to predators. Instead, you’d look for cover and shelter.

That’s why, if you follow my blog entries on a regular basis, you’ll be aware that I fish alongside locks, by overhanging vegetation and near bridges. In fact, anywhere that provides an alternative to open water.

In addition, if you were a fish, then you would seek the company of others. You’ve got more chance of surviving a pike attack if you’re one of the crowd than if you’re on your own.

On this session I fished a 1g jig-head and a small Berkley rubber minnow. Working it slowly through the water, especially when the temperature is low, is important. Fish will not be as active as they are during the summer months, so you want to keep the bait moving and in their sight range for as long as possible, to solicit an attack.

I certainly enjoyed the short but very sweet session, then it was back home for a shower and change. Next stop, The New Saints FC v Aberystwyth Town. That’s for another blog entry though, tomorrow to be precise. Fishing and football, not a bad life is it.

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