Very Cold, Very Wet And Very Windy. As Long As Your Bait’s In The Water Though, You’ve Always Got A Chance. A Short Lure Session On The Canal. Location, Location, Location.

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Looking out at the weather today, I thought to myself, what’s happening to the global warming? Joking aside, I’m a firm believer in not allowing the conditions to dictate what you do. Obviously there are certain situations in which you cannot fish but today wasn’t one of them.

It would have been difficult pegging out an umbrella, as the gusts were quite powerful at times. Not that I need shelter but it’s always good to provide cover for your bait, mobile phone etc.

The simple answer – especially as time was tight – was to go lure fishing. Although I will fish that way by choice anyway, other times it’s the one that definitely ticks the box, by a process of elimination.

I headed for the Staffs/Worcs Canal with a 1g jig-head and small rubber minnow to see if I could tempt something out of the icy cold water. I fished next to a lock but had nothing in the crystal clear water.

With an overhanging bush protruding quite a distance along the bank, I cast just off that and had my one and only take of the fifteen-minute session. It was a savage one at that, the sort of lunge – and fight – that you get at the height of summer when the fish often feed in a frenzy.

I knew pretty much that I would only be getting one bite of the cherry on this occasion, so was very pleased to slip the net under the chub and lift it out of the water. It’s not a big fish but in the conditions it most certainly was a result.

It’s all about location as well. I mentioned that I hooked into the fish just off a feature. A few yards either way I may not have engaged with it, that’s why it’s so important in these conditions to put your bait in the right place.

That applies whether you’re lure fishing or you have a stationary bait. Location, location, location. It’s true at any time of the year but especially so at the moment.

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