Two Great Egrets In Shropshire. Angling Is The Perfect Platform From Which To View The Natural World.



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If you follow my blog entries on a regular basis then you’ll know that I love the great outdoors and the natural world. Being a keen fisherman means that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds and, as I’ve written on numerous occasions, angling is the perfect platform from which to view the natural world.

That was the case today (November 13, 2019), because while fishing at Dudmaston in Shropshire, I was extremely honoured to watch not just one (which would be brilliant in itself) but two great egrets.

I saw one bird fly past and thought ‘wow’ but then a couple of minutes later, a second bird joined it. I was buzzing. They stayed on the lake for the whole of the afternoon and when I left at dusk they were still there.

That’s why I mention the date, because if you’re reading this close to the publication time, and you’re a birder, it’s worth getting down there yourself to have a look. Especially so if you’ve never seen a great egret before.

You won’t be able to fish the water, as the angling is controlled by Kinver Freeliners Angling Club and there are no day tickets. It’s also well-policed as well. However, the lake is on National Trust property – Dudmaston Hall just outside Bridgnorth, so there is public access when the Hall is open.

When I left, it looked like the birds were also staying. I wouldn’t want to send anyone on a wild egret chase, but I would say there is a good chance they will be there in the morning – and maybe beyond, who knows.

If you do go – and especially if you see the birds – let me know via the comments box below. You don’t need to log in, just post a message.

Funnily enough, the last great egret I saw was also while fishing at Dudmaston, albeit on a different pool. This time I only had my iPhone 5 but on that occasion I had a camcorder so was able to capture some better footage. Angling is indeed the perfect platform.

You can view the previously seen bird towards the end of the video (about 3 minutes 15 onwards).



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