Pre-Match Press Conference With Scott Ruscoe, Ahead Of The Visit Of Carmarthen Town. Thoughts And Reflections On What Happens In The English Premier League Compared To Wales.

I enjoy doing the pre-match press conferences with Scott, ahead of TNS FC games. This time round it was the visit of Carmarthen Town that we looked forward to.

In the English Premier League it’s very different. You have numerous journalists in attendance, all ready to go, as they fire away questions at the manager.

In Wales, it is the opposite end of the scale, and there’s just me, so it really is an in-house affair. However, we are the only side in the domestic leagues (as far as I know) to do a pre-match press conference in the way that we do, so that’s good.

I also know that several media outlets (including BBC) watch the interview and put together articles based on what they hear. That’s why we should always look at the big picture.

Just because there aren’t lots of big-name journalists queuing up to ask questions, we should never be discouraged. Keep going and do what we do as if the whole world is watching.


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