Blanking On The Canal. Don’t Blame Boris.

Another short session on the canal, just for an hour or so, and although I don’t get too many blanks, on this occasion I didn’t even get a tap. As you can see from the lead image, there were lots of leaves on the surface. Added to that, the plummeting water temperature in recent days, and it was always going to be difficult.

This is fishing though and it’s like that sometimes. You can’t blame anyone, which brings me to to the Boris reference in the headline. I noticed on social media recently that a Labour MP was delayed at a train station and couldn’t get home as planned, so she posted a tweet blaming Boris Johnson.

From what I read in the replies, the delay was caused by a train breaking down. It was nothing to do with the Prime Minister, just as would be the case whoever is the leader of country come December 13, and the same thing happened again.

In the case of the Labour MP, it was just about scoring political points. For the rest of us though, continually blaming others when things go wrong means that we never face up to our own failings and shortcomings.

When it’s always someone else’s fault, we don’t begin to deal with our own issues and flaws. After all, why should we, when we haven’t done anything wrong?

Learn to look inward when something doesn’t work out as we planned. Others may play a role to some extent but ultimately it’s down to us and how we react and handle adversity.

Don’t blame Boris.


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