Interviewing S4C’s Nicky John. Chatting About Working In Both Domestic Football And With The Wales National Side. Sgorio Is Where My Own Football Journey Began.

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She’s normally the one doing the interviewing – as she works for S4C’s Sgorio – but this time the boot was on the other foot, as Nicky John was the opposite side of the microphone.

Taking advantage of her being at Park Hall, where she was interviewing manager, Scott Ruscoe, and midfielder, Aeron Edwards, it was good to chat with Nicky and get some insight into her own career path working in Welsh football.

My own journey in football actually began courtesy of Sgorio. It was a few years ago now, when I was channel hopping one Saturday afternoon with the remote. Coming across S4C and with a live game due to kick-off, I decided to watch it.

I really liked what I saw, and as a Wolverhampton Wanderers season ticket holder, whenever Wolves were away, I then started to watch Welsh games on television. You can’t beat live football though and that was the next step.

With The New Saints being the closest Welsh Premier League (as it was then) side to where I live, I paid Park Hall a visit one evening.

It’s a long story – and definitely one for a future blog entry – but suffice to say that’s it’s been an incredible journey. It’s very true that you never know where life takes you. Something as ordinary as flicking through the channels on television ultimately changed the course of my life.


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