It’s Looking Very Wintry But As Long As Your Bait’s In The Water Then You’ve Got A Chance. Bream And Perch From The Staffs/Worcs Canal. Water Temperature Falling Sharply.

Now that the clocks have gone back, I’m taking advantage of the extra hour to do some early morning fishing. In this instance, I was on the Staffs/Worcs Canal for first light.

I didn’t like what I saw though, as the recent heavy rain had tuned the canal into what I call the colour of ‘piscatorial death’. Due to the terrain of the local area, it was an uninviting grey and I’ve never done particularly well when confronted with that on arrival.

However, as always, you never catch if your bait’s not in the water. Fishing with worm over red maggots, I ended the short session with bream and perch. Nothing big but under the circumstances, I was more than happy to bank anything.

Another factor that saw me happy with the catch was the water temperature. A reading of 9.3C was not only the first time since last spring that it’s been in single figures but also a drop of approximately 25% in a couple of days.

That’s a sharp decrease and I was certainly expecting something like it as we’ve had the first frost of the autumn in the last day. Driving to the canal, everything looked more than just autumnal. It was definitely wintry all round.


Blog entry 1529.

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