Last Butterfly Of 2019. Barn Owl. Fungi. Common Frog. Badger.

At the moment – because they can turn up at any time during the winter when we have a warm spell – my last butterfly of 2019 was seen on October 19. Actually, I saw four, while I was at a football game in Pen-y-Bont, Glamorganshire. Unfortunately though I couldn’t identify any of them.

The same evening, while driving back home from Oswestry, I saw a barn owl in flight across the A5 near Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The conditions at present are great for fungi and as I left Park Hall, the home of the champions of Wales, after covering training with the players, I noticed lots in grass alongside the stadium. You can see them via the video below, as well as the lead image.

Yet to have an overnight frost where I live (Staffordshire), my amphibian pond in the back garden still has common frogs showing. The last one seen was on October 23.

Sadly, you see numerous dead badgers when you’re out driving. It was great to see a live one though near Alveley, Shropshire, as it crossed a country lane that I was passing along.


Blog entry 1523. 

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