Be Comfortable With Who You Are. Life’s Journey Doesn’t Have To Be Random.

At Tipton Family Church, once a month we have a football-themed service, where we invite people to attend wearing club colours. This time round I turned up in an international tracksuit, that of the England team to be precise.

I may be the only person that is at home wearing both England and Wales shirts and feeling totally comfortable with whatever I have on at the time. I’m proud of both in terms of personal heritage and that’s what it’s all about ultimately, being confident and comfortable with your identity.

The sermon had a couple of stories regarding career paths of players that I know, with one on the rise and the other sadly heading in the opposite direction. Then there was a third person, and as I pointed to everyone in the congregation, I said that’s you.

The text was from Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans that I have for, said the Lord. Plans to bless you, not harm you.’

We are all on a journey in life. Sometimes, like the first footballer, it’s going in a positive direction but occasionally, as with the other one, it isn’t.

Above all though, as a Christian, I believe that my life’s path is not random but planned. Not in a regimental way because, like everyone else, I do have free will. It’s about choices though. Choose well and the journey will be smoother.

The lead image is from the bathroom at church. The mirror is great for selfies.


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Stewart Bloor

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