A Flock Of Ryeland Sheep In A Field Alongside The New Saints FC’s Stadium. A Traditional Breed With A Royal Connection.

Although my primary interest in the great outdoors is with more natural wildlife, nevertheless I do take note of farm animal breeds. I noticed the other day, as I walked the lane next to The New Saints FC’s stadium that there were Ryeland sheep grazing in the field alongside.

As a vegetarian, my interest in sheep is strictly observational. I do enjoy coming across the various breeds though and I thought a blog entry on the flock of Ryelands would be a nice idea.

The breed itself goes back over seven centuries, and originates from the county of Herefordshire in England, and their name comes from originally grazing over rye pastures.

At the time of Queen Elizabeth I, the wool of the sheep was considered to be the finest, and her royal highness was such a fan that she insisted on it for her stockings.

Welcome to my website, this is blog entry 1518. 

Stewart Bloor

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