It’s Game On As Greg Draper Closes In On Mike Wilde’s TNS FC Goals Scored Record. Plus A Chance To Show My Signed Shirts From Both Players.

It’s always nice to be a part of history in the making and that’s exactly what’s happening at the moment with The New Saints FC. In particular, it’s the club’s all-time most league goals scored record that’s in the process of being challenged.

For a while, Mike Wilde has held the honour of finding the net the most times, with an impressive 151 to his name. However, New Zealand international, Greg Draper, has been narrowing the deficit since Wilde’s departure, until going into last weekend’s game against Penybont FC, he was just ten behind.

Scoring the opener in TNS’ 3-2 win against the south Walians, Greg is now on 142, as the gap becomes a single figure. I’d spoken with the Somerset-born striker to see if he had any issues about going public prior to beating the actual record and he didn’t.

You would be surprised – or maybe not – at how many footballers have superstitions of one sort or another, so you do have to check things like this. Fortunately, Greg doesn’t and so we are able to make the most of the countdown as the goals go in.

It’s also also an opportunity to show the signed shirts from both players, from my personal football memorabilia collection. Mike Wilde’s is the one that he played in against B36 Torshavn in the UEFA Champions League game in 2015.

The fixture, played at the national stadium in the Faroe Islands, was my first European adventure with the club so that will always be a special memory in itself.



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