Following A 3-2 Win For The New Saints FC In South Wales, Interviewing Manager, Scott Ruscoe, At The Kymco Stadium. Work In Football Media? It’s Often About Improvisation And Doing Your Best With What You Have.

As always, following a TNS FC game, there was an interview with the manager. It was quite windy outside and noisy inside, so we found a room that was the best option under the circumstances. Although the club is professional, with the players on full-time contracts, in media we don’t have a budget as such, so I do these interviews on my own iPhone.

I’m not complaining though so don’t think I am. I’m thinking of the vast majority of fellow media officers at clubs that are in a similar position. You make do with what you have and work with what’s at your disposal.

My phone is getting old now but at least it held up for the full interview this time. Following a recent game, against Caernarfon Town, it stopped recording while I was talking with Scott on the pitch.

If you work in football media, especially outside the English league system then you’ll know all about working with what you have and doing your best with what’s available. There were no plugs in the press box, for example, at the Kymco Stadium, which is essential as we do radio commentary.

The club was helpful though and offered us an extension cable that ran to a raised platform between the dugouts. However, with a 50/50 chance of rain during the game, I decided not to go with it as electrical equipment in the open isn’t a good idea. As it was, it did rain, so it proved to be a correct decision.

Work in football media yourself? You’ll be aware of the limitations and restrictions due to circumstances or lack of resource. Don’t be negative about it, see it as a challenge. Improvise and do your best but above all enjoy the privilege of working in the wonderful world of football.



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Stewart Bloor

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