Birding While Driving. Last Swallow Of The Year. Sparrowhawk After A Very Clever Blackbird. Lots Of Fungi Around At The Moment.

Although it’s important to keep your focus on the road when driving and not to lose concentration, nevertheless if you’re a keen nature-watcher then you do develop an eye for picking up what’s going on around you.

A recent trip to Market Drayton in Shropshire saw a bullfinch fly across the road just outside the town, along with a perched kestrel. A day later, another bullfinch in flight across the highway, this time near Shrewsbury.

Not all migrants have departed yet, although that will be the case during October. The last swallow I saw was on October 12 near Wombourne in Staffordshire. It was a single bird feeding in the autumn sunshine.

I also watched a sparrowhawk as it tried to catch a blackbird. Birds are very clever and in straight flight the former would have won easily. However, the latter flew in a really tight circle for several seconds. It did the trick, as although the predator gave its best, it eventually made off to pursue an easier meal. Although a brief encounter, nevertheless a very fascinating one.


The conditions are great for fungi at the moment and I’m seeing lots of nice looking specimens everywhere. If you’re not into fungi, they’re great and worth exploring in detail when you come across them.

The images here are from a tree stump in Staffordshire.

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Stewart Bloor

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