Wales Versus Croatia And The Pre-Match Singing Of The Welsh National Anthem. It Hits The Spot Every Time. Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. Indeed.

As always, before the game there was the singing of the national anthems. As I’ve written on many occasions, I’m proud to be English but equally proud that I also have Welsh blood running through my veins. The two sit very comfortably alongside each other and there is no conflict or issue for me personally.

I do love the Welsh national anthem and it always sends a tingle down my spine. Yes, the words are great, the tune is brilliant and when you’ve got tens of thousands of people singing, it’s always wonderful.

However, for me it goes deeper than that. It’s part of my identity, it’s who I am. I do feel very connected to my Welsh roots and the anthem is part of that. On this occasion, I gave my phone to my wife to record the singing at the game and unknown to me she got me in towards the end.

I’m glad you don’t hear me though. Whatever Welsh traits I have, being blessed with a good voice isn’t one of them, and that’s a fact.

Finally, mae hen wlad fy nhadau is the opening line of the anthem and it means the land of my fathers. Indeed it is and I’m very proud of that.


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Stewart Bloor

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