Interviewing New Zealand International, Greg Draper, Following His Four Goals For The New Saints FC. Criteria For Choosing The Post-Match Player Interviewee.

With four goals for Greg Draper against Airbus UK Broughton, he was the natural choice for the post-match interview, following the 6-2 victory. When it comes to choosing a player, if there’s one that stands out, then the decision is made for you.

It may be goals, especially a hat-trick, or a penalty save from the goalkeeper that edged a win. It could be a debut or someone playing against an team that he once featured for.

Sometimes there are several contenders and that was the case in a recent TNS FC game against Aberystwyth. In that instance it can be something as simple as the first one to appear from the dressing room after the game.

At The New Saints, it’s down to me who I choose and it is a choice that I do think about. Although there may be an option when I wait in the tunnel area for the players to appear, I still know which one(s) that I have in mind.

This time round it was New Zealand international, Greg Draper, and as always, he comes over really well.



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