After Three Consecutive Defeats, It Was Great To Interview Scott Ruscoe Following A Victory. Insight Into Media Preparation For Post-Match Interviews. Think On Your Feet And Stay Sharp.

With S4C’s Sgorio occupying the interview room at Park Hall, following the 6-2 win against Airbus UK Broughton, I chatted with TNS FC’s manager, Scott Ruscoe, on the pitch. You can watch that via the video below.

Regarding the interviews that I post in my blog, you may wonder what sort of preparation is involved and how the questions are put together. In an ideal world, with a big media team, the person doing the post-match chats would have time during the game to construct questions as the game progresses.

However, in my case, I am doing commentary and talking with guests during the actual match itself so don’t have that luxury. As soon as the final whistle goes, it’s a case of wrapping up TNS Radio, packing the equipment away and then heading to the tunnel area to do the actual interviewing.

I don’t have any notes, but go with the flow, so to speak. That’s not something that everyone could do but it works for me and I do listen to every interview afterwards and think they come out well. It’s about thinking on your feet and staying sharp.



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Stewart Bloor

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