With Airbus UK Broughton The Visitors To Park Hall, The Pre-Match Press Conference With Scott Ruscoe Covers Not Only The Game Itself But Also General Insight. Comments On The Interview Room.

I enjoy doing interviews in their various forms and that includes the pre-match press conferences. As you can see from the video below, we cover not just the game but the bigger picture as well.

I like Scott and always feel comfortable asking him ‘difficult’ questions, although they’re always put forward in a respectful manner, of course. As I’ve stated before in blog entries, this is what I like about in-house club journalism.

When the club is going through a difficult time results-wise, you don’t go for the jugular. You still ask questions about the situation but in a much kinder way. After all, if you’ve lost two league games on the bounce you can’t live in denial and act like you won them.

You can see from the lead image that we conduct the press conference in a room at Park Hall. What you get to see when you watch the final interview is the logo board behind the manager, and that’s all, but step back and you see a different picture.

This is typical of an interview situation. Last season The New Saints FC played at Cardiff City and the interview board is in the tunnel area. If you watch on television, all you see is Neil Warnock and the logos but step back and it’s a different story. 


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