FIFA, The English Premier League And An Ex-Player Interview. Using Your Blog In Particular, Or Social Media Presence In General, As An Ongoing CV.

I had an email recently from someone who I met a few years back, when he produced a video on behalf of FIFA that I was involved with. This time round, now working for the English Premier League, he contacted me regarding another documentary that he’s looking to get going shortly.

It revolves around a particular football club that was in the top flight of English football some time back and the email I received was in reference to a player. I had interviewed him following his retirement, and that was the message was about, did I have the contact details for the player?

The angle at which I’m coming from with this though is to highlight that you never know who watches or reads what you post on the internet. This is why we need to be careful what we publish but at the same time recognise that the internet is a great way of promoting or publicising what we do.

My own blog is a personal journey, so obviously, as I work in football, there are lots of entries from the beautiful game. These include all the interviews that I do. You never know who is watching on.

In this case it was someone who merely wanted contact details. However, when you post it could well be a future employer you are connecting with. I don’t have any stories but I am sure that there are people who have been recruited via internet content.

That’s why we should always keep our posts positive and bear in mind that you never know who is observing. I know, from personal experience, that mine get read by lots of different people. In a way, whether we blog or just post generally on social media, we actually have a platform to publicise our CV. Use it as such and make the most of it.



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Stewart Bloor

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