What Do Greg Draper And Kurtis Byrne Have In Common?

Well, to answer the question in this blog entry, there could be a number of common denominators that link the two. The fact that they are both strikers at The New Saints is an obvious one. Then you could talk about goals or international appearances.

However, I’m being quite specific and personal, so in this case, the answer is that I have boots from both players in my personal football memorabilia collection. What started out as a team sheet from the very first game that I did with TNS Radio, has become quite a menagerie.

From signed shirts to press passes, posters to pennants, as soon as I enter my home I’m reminded of the football journey that I’m on, as numerous items call out to me. On the wall, the mantelpiece, my desk and even on the doors themselves, the first room that I enter is a reminder – not that I need it – that I work in the beautiful game.

Then there’s the boots, which have pride of place at the moment on the shelf right in front of me. I say ‘at the moment’ only because I do rearrange things from time to time. A change is as good as a rest, and all that.

Greg’s boots are the ones that he wore as he scored his 100th league goal for The New Saints, Kurtis’ are what he played in last season. Both, it goes without saying, have been signed by the players themselves. That’s the uniqueness of my memorabilia collection – everything is from my own journey and many of the items sport not only signatures but also personal messages.

Everything that I have in my ever-growing collection really does mean a lot to me. Long after Kurtis and Greg have hung up their boots and retired from playing, these items will continue to be a constant reminder of the many great memories that I have from working in football.



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