A Great Morning At Longlands Community Primary School In Market Drayton With Harry Bower, Liam Parry And The JD Welsh Cup.

My work with The New Saints FC is certainly varied, and back in after a week’s holiday (although I still did 20 hours work while away), I kicked off with a visit to Longlands Community Primary School in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

The connection followed a previous afternoon that I had at a school in Wales, where TNS FC’s defender, Blaine Hudson, and the JD Welsh Cup were very well received. Longlands liked what they saw on social media and invited us to their school.

This time it was first-year professionals, Harry Bower and Liam Parry, who were the players involved. As per the previous visit, we took the JD Welsh Cup with us.

The welcome from everyone at the school was exceptional. Harry, Liam and myself really enjoyed the time that we spent there. I had an email later in the day from Longlands, saying that the children were buzzing and kept talking about our time there.

That was great to hear and as I so often say, it’s far better to build others up than to tear them down and when we do the former, it also affects us in a positive way. I was certainly blessed myself.


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Stewart Bloor

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