As Storm Lorenzo Subsides, Beach Fishing At Tal-y-Bont Near Barmouth. I Caught Flounders. Thoughts On Fishing In Extreme Conditions And A Look At The Tackle And Rig That I Fished With.

With Storm Lorenzo hitting the coast of Wales during the course of the holiday, a couple of potential angling sessions were cancelled. I did get out once during the period that the storm arrived but fishing was extremely difficult.

Let me say at this point though that you should never go fishing if there is even a hint of your life being in danger. That’s why I never venture out when there is lightning forecast. I monitored the weather conditions regarding Lorenzo carefully, and of course, kept an eye on the local situation.

Although it was very windy, it wasn’t a cause for concern as far as safety was concerned. However, fishing was so difficult, with casting into 40-50 miles per hour winds a challenge in itself. Then, it was not possible to position a bait as the lead was immediately pushed in by the strong tide.

Plus, no matter how I positioned the rods, bite detection was virtually impossible. I did a couple of sessions, but in all honesty it was fishing for the sake of it, something that I don’t like to do.

Although still windy, as the storm died down I was back on the beach and you can see how I got on via the video below. In addition, I show the rig set-up in the video, with the full list of tackle that I fished with as follows:

Rod: Sea Tech Outlaw 12′ telescopic. Reel: Jarvis Walker Mirage 7000. Reel line: Berkley XTS Saltwater 25lb. Snood: Amnesia 20lb. Hook: Kamasan Aberdeen size 2/4. Lead: 5oz grip.



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Stewart Bloor

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