Following Defeat At Caernarfon Town, I interviewed Scott Ruscoe On The Oval Pitch. Plus, Some Football-Related Media Thoughts.

It’s not often that I interview the TNS FC manager, Scott Ruscoe, in the setting of a defeat but, including the four European losses, that’s nine competitive games so far this season where our post-match interview has followed a reversal.

When you do these interviews you can’t dodge the fact that you lost but it is important to pitch everything right. That’s why I prefer in-house club journalism as you aren’t expected to go for the throat of the manager after he’s lost a few games.

If you listen to the interview below you will notice that it ends abruptly in mid-sentence. All interviews are done on my old iPhone and it decided to show its age by cutting out. Fortunately it was at the end of the Caernarfon Town reflections anyway and it’s just the next game’s thoughts that were lost.

Although The New Saints is a professional club in the sense that the players are all full-time and on contracts, on media we massively punch above our weight. That’s not a criticism either, so don’t read it as one, it’s merely stating fact.

I’ve been to clubs such as Everton, Liverpool, Rangers and Wolverhampton Wanderers regularly as we have played behind-closed-doors friendlies there and the amount of equipment that the media department has to work with is amazing.

As always though you work with what you’ve got and make the most of it, which we do. The media output at The New Saints FC is excellent when you take factors such as personnel and equipment into account.



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Stewart Bloor

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