Opening Holiday Fishing Session With Dab And Flounder From A Morning Session Over A High Tide. I Love Sea Fishing, And If I Lived Closer To The Coast, I’d Certainly Do A Lot More.

I do enjoy sea fishing and that’s why, whenever we plan a holiday, my wife and I will never be far from the coast. In fact, in recent years we have stayed on the same holiday park (north of Barmouth) every time we go away and apart from the fact that we like it there anyway, it’s actually walking distance to the beach, which most certainly ticks the box as far as I’m concerned.

Tides weren’t ideal, as I like high water at dusk, but the bottom line is the same regardless of what discipline of angling you do – as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance.

With a freezer containing several packs of frozen lugworm, that’s my bait for the week sorted. Fishing two rods, I’ll cover my rig and tackle approach during the course of the next few angling-related blog entries.

For now though, it was great to be back casting into the ocean, and as I write, I’ve got almost a week ahead of me so I’m most definitely looking forward to doing plenty of fishing. You can see how I got on in the opening session via the video below.



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Stewart Bloor

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