A Pre-Match Press Conference With Scott Ruscoe. As Always, Honest And Open. An Inspiration And A Role Model For Any Upcoming Manager In The Interview Role Context.

After the disappointment of Nathaniel MG Cup defeat against Bangor City, that obviously featured in the press conference as we looked ahead to the JD Cymru Premier game against Barry Town United.

Always open and honest, Scott gives insight into the way he thinks, his approach and he talks freely. I think there’s a lot in there for any manager – and especially a young upcoming one – to take on board and consider.

We don’t go through the questions in advance, Scott has no idea what I’m going to throw at him. It’s always respectful but I will still ask questions about defeats, poor performances or in this case, a lack of clean sheets.

Scott takes them all in his stride, doesn’t dodge the issues and answers honestly and openly. It’s been a pleasure to work with him since he became manager at The New Saints FC and long may that continue.



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Stewart Bloor

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